The Mouse family Robinson by Dick King Smith

This book was about two mice and their six children.  Their house had a giant cat that always chased them.  One day the mice got so annoyed about the cat there was only one thing to do.  They moved house.  Except they didn’t know where to go. One of the three searched number sixteen.  There was no cat.  Mr Brown an old mouse went with them.  They reached number sixteen and met Bill black who was a mice collector.  I think it was really funny when Bill thought Mr Brown was the great great grandpa.  I recommend this book to people that like Dick King Smith books.

By Jacob

The Lonely Pony By Sarah Hawkins

imageThe book is about when a pony gets taken to another home when it is better.  The book made me feel sad at the start because the pony got abandoned by its owners and had an awful leg, but at the end it made me feel happy because it got new owners.  My favourite part of the story was when the pony went to a new home because it was godparents of the girl who looked after it.  My favourite character is the pony because it is very interesting and beautiful.  I would recommend it to my best friend because I think she will love it.  By Evie Hurson