Art Day

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On Tuesday KS1 had their Art Day, and in Dalby Class we studied the artist Alfred Wallis who painted lots of seascapes.  We all did four pictures; one with chalks, one in pastel, one watercolour and a final one with paints.  Our work was fantastic!


On Monday  everyone in class 3 made a Roman Mosaic. All of us did it on black paper and then we used yellow paper, brown paper, red and orange paper to cut and stick. This is because Romans used tiles called tesserae that wouldn’t be bright colours. You could design a pattern or a picture of Julius Caesar and Emperor Claudius.

Jayden and Owen




Roman Art day

Today we did our birthday in Roman numerals with tiny sticks and glue. We did it on scrap paper first and then Mrs Donald checked it to see if it is right and then we started on black paper which was fun.

My birthday is vi. xi. mmv and Ben’s is X.V.MMVII

Joseph Arnold and Ben Gladwin